How to Show at the Top of Search Results

Show at the Top of the Search Results

When googling a company or service, one of the first things consumers see on the Google results page is a list of ads. They don’t look like ads, and that’s the point. Located at the top of the page, these are very important little snippets of information designed to encourage consumers to click. Yet, they are not influenced by the on-page SEO you are doing on your website. Rather, they are the direct result of pay-per-click, or PPC, ads.

People need your services, and they go to search

In nearly every situation, unless a customer has a company’s name or some past experience, they will head online to search for an HVAC provider in their area who can help them with their very specific problem. That means they want a list of people who they could call or read more about on their website, blog, social media, or just in Google Reviews.

They type very specific words into the search engine to find what they need. That could be “furnace repair technician in Miami” or “how do I fix my AC?” Your marketing efforts need to focus on what people are actually typing into the search engines. Those keywords and your location will play a big role in creating PPC ads.

The more refined and specific they are, the less competition with other HVAC providers and lead aggregate sites you have to compete against, and that often means lower costs for this type of process too. One of the best things about PPC is you don’t pay for ads unless someone clicks on them.

The quickest way to the top of the searches: PPC Ads

We have talked a great deal about getting to the top of the search engine results pages through SEO and other HVAC digital marketing methods. However, sometimes, the best way to the top is to pay for it. That’s not to say there’s no competition, or you can just pay to be placed at the top of the search engine rankings. Rather, we want to aim for that top section on those pages where ads are placed.

Do a quick search of a keyword that you think would be relevant to your business. You’ll see the ads at the top, followed by local businesses providing those services. PPC allows your ad to display in this area.

How to build a targeted campaign

Digital marketing with PPC is a valuable tool in helping to generate great leads, often people who are ready to get help right away. However, you want to zero in on the specific keywords and details that are going to help you get customers in your local area. This is a bit more complicated but investing time into this process can significantly enhance the outcome of any PPC campaign. Some components of developing a targeted campaign include:

  • Creating customer personas. Learning as much as you can about your customer, including who they are, what they call for, and their pain points, can help you tailor PPC campaigns they want to click on.
  • Develop a list of relevant keywords based on your specific services, such as air conditioning inspections or HVAC replacement. This process takes a significant amount of time to research and develop. Some keywords may be too common and used by so many people in your area that there is a lot of competition, which drives the cost of using that ad up even higher. It’s about refining your keywords to target people you know you can help with a budget.
  • Determine what your keyword budget is. There’s no way to provide a specific answer just yet on how much you should spend, but remember that some of the best keywords are not the most expensive ones out there. Refine them to attract very specific customers.
  • Develop killer ad copy. You don’t get much space to create an ad, but every word needs to convey that: you offer the services the customer wants, you can solve their problem, and you’re available now to help them.
  • Include a call to action, which is a statement that outlines what you want them to do – click, call, or take some other action. This tells people exactly what you want them to do to interact with you.

A solid campaign like this, especially developed by a trusted and experienced team, can create an exceptional outcome for many companies.

How to measure your results

Now that you have your PPC campaign in place, the next step is to test it. If you plan to do this on your own, learn how to use Google Analytics to track what’s happening with your ads. Are people visiting your website? Are they coming to you through ads?

One of the best things to know about PPC is it’s flexible and easy to enhance, modify, and change as needed. By working to tweak the ads and keywords used, it may be possible to get better results. Your PPC team will do this for you, as they constantly work to keep up with Google keyword use and track the overall actions of the ads you create.

There’s never going to be one ad or one specific keyword that is best because PPC ads are often changing in terms of results. Consumer reactions are often changing as well. You may notice that the number of clicks and leads you get changes as your PPC campaign is updated, and that’s a good thing.

PPC is a core part of your HVAC advertising, but don’t assume you have to spend a lot of money to use it. PPC is an enhancement that’s typically beneficial to HVAC companies. It works alongside other types of SEO and optimization to create results. If you get a lead to your site, but that person cannot navigate your site, it is a waste of your money. The goal is to ensure all components are working together toward the end result. 

Blue Atlas specializes in helping companies get to the top of Google, whether through PPC or SEO. Schedule a call with us anytime to discuss how we can help your business grow through targeted online campaigns.

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