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One of the core benefits of HVAC digital marketing is its ability to help your business be found. When a customer’s furnace stops working on the coldest day of the year, they turn to a search engine and type in specific phrases to help them find a local technician that can be there to help them quickly. Ensuring your business’s name shows up at the top of that search engine results list is key to getting that business. It sounds simple, but there’s more to it than just dropping a few keywords onto a page.

Search engine optimization, SEO, is one of the core ways that you’ll work to build your site to draw people into it and get them to call you. Yet, that’s just one component of the process. The goal of SEO is to add content to your website that shows the search engines just how valuable your business is to customers looking for HVAC services. Keywords, high-quality content, and regularly updated website content and blogs are great ways to do this. This helps your business to be organically positioned high in search engine results.

That’s just one part of the process though. Below is a list of where you want to optimize your business.

Local Search Engine Optimization

HVAC services are local providers. Many companies provide services within a large city or county area. It’s possible to target people just within your local target area to bring leads to your sales team or technicians.

Local search is one of the most important tools you have for getting leads from a very specific area on a consistent basis. How can we do that?


Google Maps and Apple Maps are some of the most commonly used tools to find a place or service. With HVAC contractors and companies, a searcher isn’t trying to find a company to visit in person for help, but rather one that’s close by that can help them right away. That cold winter’s day is a good example of when a consumer or commercial client may be looking for a local company to step in and help them.

Using a Google Maps strategy, for example, can help to give your company incredible access to those who are looking for a service provider locally. You want to be found no matter what application or tool a person is using.

Local Map Results

Another important tool is called Google My Business or your Google Business Profile. If a company needs a commercial HVAC contractor to come to their location quickly, they will likely type in something like “HVAC service in San Antonio.” Your Google My Business profile recognizes that you provide services within that area because you’ve included that information and even included a range of cities around the big city you service.

When your prospective customers search like this, they learn of the service providers within their local area. Your company’s profile shows up, and they can instantly click on your website or even just call your phone number directly. This is one of the most powerful tools for local digital marketing today because of how effective it can be in pulling in leads as people search for help.

Organic Search Results

Keep in mind that you have to add local components to your website to help your website get organic search results. In this situation, you’ll want to zero in on your very specific area of service and be sure it’s well represented on your website. Organic search results do not cost you anything – they are what shows up when someone searches for what you offer. When we create keyword strings that include your location information, that makes it easy to do. The key here is refining the results to ensure we can draw in clients from a target area.

How to Do On-Page Optimization

Being located on the maps and using Google My Business profiles are important, but so is optimizing your website. Your website is one of the best representations of your company. You’ve done the hard work to create a site that helps customers get the information they need, but now you need to optimize it, so it attracts local customers.

There are several ways to optimize your website, called on-page optimization, to achieve these goals.

  • Ensure you have an internal linking structure that represents your local focus, such as a page for each city you service.
  • Ensure you have a page that provides information about all of the cities you service. You can include a map of your service area on your Contact Page as well.
  • Be sure your company’s name, address, and phone number are consistent throughout your website.
  • Create locally focused content for your website and blog, such as providing local insights on caring for HVAC systems.
  • Be sure that you’re using locally focused keywords on your website to draw in clients to that area.
  • Link to your website through your Google My Business profile so that its’ easy for people to find your site.

These are just some of the steps you’ll need to focus on to reflect your local optimization efforts. It is often a good idea to work with a team who can provide a full local SEO audit of your site. This will provide you with more insight into what specific needs and goals your company should have for making updates.

As noted, it is quite important to perform keyword research to understand what cities and information are being put into the search engines to look for services you offer. HVAC service in New York City isn’t enough. People may be looking for boiler repair services, or they may need air conditioning inspections. These keywords, along with a local component to them, can help your website attract people within your community that need your services. That means virtually every lead that calls you is someone local to your target area that needs to have your technicians out.

To get started, contact Blue Atlas today. Learn more about the work we do, how we do it, and why it works. We’re here to educate and support you as an HVAC company. All you have to do is to take the time to engage with us to learn more about what we can offer and how we can help your business to grow in the next few months and years. 

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