Get More Customer Reviews for you HVAC Company

How To Get More Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a powerful tool when it comes to building your business. One survey found that 95% of people read reviews before they purchase from a company. More so, 92% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after reading a review than if not. Many people do not need to call a heating and cooling company very often, so reviews provide them with a very valuable way to get information about who you trust when they need service.

You may not think that reviews are a part of digital advertising because they seem uncontrollable – how can you trust people will leave positive reviews? How can you even get people to leave a review? It’s easier than you think when you have the right marketing team working with you to achieve your goals.

Consider the value and importance of reviews.

Reviews drive credibility

Whether your company has decades of experience or is brand new, consumers want to know they are working with a credible, trusted company with a proven track record. Customer reviews:

  • Enhance customer trust – the information is so valuable to a prospective customer looking for service
  • Provide opportunities for engagement with unsatisfied customers
  • Provide prospective customers with the information they need to make a decision to contact you – Having positive reviews may produce about an 18% uplift in sales depending on existing reviews
  • Enable you to know how to improve your company based on customer experiences and expectations
  • Aid in brand building in the HVAC service industry

Online reviews are much like word-of-mouth advertising where one person who has a service completed tells their neighbor or friend. It’s on a much larger scale but has the same, if not more, of an impact. Consumers using online reviews are able to gain valuable information about the company, the technicians, their workmanship, delays, and costs. These are all valuable details potential prospective clients need.

Consumers are more likely to turn to a company with reviews to learn what to expect than a company that does not have any.

Reviews drive better rankings

If your HVAC company does not have a review marketing plan, it is missing out on generating high-quality leads and likely falling behind the competition. That’s not just in the sales leads the competition gets, but also in search engine rankings.

Google prefers to see a strong velocity of reviews. That means they want to see reviews coming in about the company on a consistent basis. That provides Google with the understanding that “this business is popular and should be ranked higher in the search results.” One key reason for this is Google’s goal is often to provide its users with the very best and most up to date information available. Reviews provide this by allowing users to consistently provide new information that’s dated and credible to the reader.

Companies with a very active review page are more likely to have happy customers, and they are more likely to get a boost in ranking from search engines as a result.

What reviews matter most

You’ll find a number of review sites and tools available today. Consumers have a dozen or more ways to leave a review about a company they’ve used. There are directories and specialized services. Try Googling your favorite restaurant now with the word “review” behind it. Chances are good you’ll find many websites that aim to provide a complete review for that restaurant.

For HVAC marketing, the most important reviews are those on Google. A simple search of your own company name could reveal reviews on Google – look at your Google My Business Profile to see them. These are the most valuable for several reasons:

  • Google uses these reviews to boost page rank or determine a company’s value.
  • Consumers typically use Google to search for HVAC company reviews, and these will pop up right on the search engine results page prompting them to click through to learn more.

How to get more reviews

All of this sounds great, but you may be unsure what to do to get those reviews. The simplest way to get more reviews is to ask your customers for them. After your technician leaves a residence, be sure the customer has a way of leaving a review about the service and knows how to do it. The instructions for Google Reviews are really simple – just Google the company’s name, and a review opportunity arises.

There are other ways to get reviews, too.

  • Send an email to a customer after their service. Request that they leave a review at the link you provide within that email.
  • Provide clients with a link where they can review your company through a text message service.
  • Use social media to help encourage consumers to rate and review your business, as social media reviews are a great tool as well.

Your HVAC digital marketing team can help you to get more of the reviews you need. The key is to make this a priority.

What not to do for reviews

Honest, high-quality reviews are the key here. To achieve this, be sure you are avoiding some common mistakes.

  • Don’t pressure someone into leaving a review.
  • Don’t pay for reviews even with free services or coupons if they leave a positive review.
  • Avoid over-engaging with a negative review. Request that the customer contacts you to discuss a resolution, so other customers see you are trying to do what’s right.
  • Don’t ignore negative reviews. It’s a great way to learn and improve.
  • Avoid calling the person reviewing your business a liar or saying they did not tell the whole story. Instead, say, “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

Consider reviews a good thing. Unless your business is providing inferior service or you have a technician that’s not honest, chances are good most of your reviews will be positive. That’s a great reflection on your business, your service to the community, and your SEO rankings. 

Blue Atlas Marketing specializes in review generation, monitoring, and response. Contact us today to get started generating reviews for your company.

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